X470/x570 mATX?

I’m planning an upgrade to ryzen and I plan to house a 3700 + 1080Ti + 1030 (or single-slot similar) for VFIO, but I’m a slut for small form factor so I want mATX. Are there any good mobos planned? At the moment I can only find one from ASROCK matching that criteria but I’m not a fan of the brand.

Yeah, am in the same boat. Getting a 3600 or 3700 end of this month and the mATX case is a given.
So far, the only mATX 500 Series board my retailer has is the Asrock X570M Pro4. That board is just to expensive for what it is.

My Plan is to go with an MSI B450 board (MSI because of BIOS flashing without CPU). Plenty of good options there. And for a 3600 or 3700, B450 should be well good enough.
No clue on VFIO and IOMMU Groups on those boards though.

Edit: Oh, and welcome to L1T. Great that you found us here!

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Your biggest problem will probably be finding a board that small that offers 2 x 16x Gen3 or better PCIe slots. I saw an article for a biostar (not a fan) mATX board earlier but it’s got only one 16x slot.


The more i read about all of this, the more i think i should just go with a 2700X and B450 and be done with it.

Will I don’t blame you as I’m doing the same processor wise, but I’m not sure how you reached that conclusion from talks of boards?

@roobre In fact the board you’re probably referring to is the only I saw with two 16x PCIe that you’d need for a dual GPU setup. Even if you go with mITX… err nvm I got the two form factors switched in my mind. Obviously itx wouldn’t…

What about the problems with AGESA? AFAIK B450 are a no-go for vfio.

I don’t really care if the secondary slot is 8x, I think it should be enough for desktop usage.

Unfortunately probably not.
From what i know currently there only is a Asrock X570M pro4.
But that board is basically rubbish kinda,
although it of course depends on your specific use case scenario.
It will likely work fine with a 3700 on stock no OC.
Or a Ryzen 5 3600X.
But other then that the vrm design of the said board is pretty poor.

One of the things is that m-atx seems to be kinda declared a dead platform.
It simply doesn’t seem to sell anymore.
So that’s why most mobo manufacturers stopped bothering about it.
So i think that there will likely no decent m-atx X570 boards to come out for a while.

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