X470 board? KVM?

I am looking for an excellent X470 board for a 2700X that can easily do KVM with PCIe-passthrough. I intend to run Windows 10 in a KVM with Linux as the base.

I would prefer to not spend an arm and a leg but can if necessary. I also need a solid board for my 2400G. Prefer the board to be mITX if possible and not require BIOS flashing to work unless it can be flashed SANS-CPU.

Might be a bit early to have definitive info.

I’m not sure if L1T has any motherboard reviews up yet (haven’t been keeping up lately) but if so, you can take a look at that. Wendell will probably mention IOMMU and bios quirks.

That said, most boards will probably have pretty good support. I think most board manufacturers sorted out the IOMMU grouping issues in 2017 for AM4.