X470 Aorus Ultra and an R3 3200G

I have an x470 Aorus Ultra motherboard from a couple of years ago and I want to use it with an R3 3200G for a NAS. Gigabyte says it will support the 3200G with a BIOS update. Will I need to update the BIOS prior to installing the 3200G or will it work with the 3200G at the BIOS level to do the update?

First check your current BIOS version. Then check on the Gigabyte website whether your BIOS version already supports it.

If not, you will need a working CPU to do the upgrade and then put the 3200G in. It will not POST not update when the CPU is unknown.

I don’t know if that board has a BIOS Flashback feature. If it does, you can also do a BIOS update without any CPU at all. See the manual if and how this can be done.

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