X4 860k Temperature/Voltage worries

I'll prefix this with the point that this is my first time using an 860k, and having this type of issue. (I'm aware a similar post appeared 2 years, but a lot changes in that time)

I've just finished a build for my better half, and she was super excited to get a new (well, a mix of old and new parts) PC as her last was back in 2008.

It's running an 860k with a CM TX3 Evo. I had this cooler on my 4790k before upgrading and thought it would be great for her system. The first temp I get after posting is the BIOS at 44 C, odd for an idle system. I then go to Open Hardware Monitor that fails to display CPU temperatures. Speedfan also fails. I've downloaded the latest drivers from both the Gigabyte and AMD site thinking sensors weren't showing correctly.

It isn't until I install Piriform that I get something, and it's at 73 C. Considering that I'm just installing drivers, basic programs, etc I'm not sure why it's so high. I'm aware that 3rd party programs don't always show the temperatures accurately, so I download the System Information viewer for the Gigabyte website and get totally different readings.

Is this really how inaccurate some programs can be? I've used OHM for years, without it ever failing to show readings after driver installs. I even tried the AMD OverDrive software, which is meant to show the amount I have left before thermal throttling but even that seems out of whack.

(I'm appreciate the refresh rate on readings can be different).

I also re-seated the cooler, believing I had done something wrong but got the same response. While I don't doubt other forums I trust the opinions of this community more. So with that, if anyone has any pointers I'm all ears :)

The 1.404V seem a bit much, you could try undervolting.
My FX-8320 is maxes at 1.3V and that when it runs at 3.87GHz (resulting in 60°C) after 10 minutes full load. Idle temp is at 30 to 34°C.
Your 36 to 43°C are fine. Piriform reports room temperature for my CPU, something there is wrong!

I use 760K and i will say this:

for some reason half the software is made to work properly with Intel, and not with AMD for god knows what reason...
Aida 64 have been fairly accurate for me.

As a note, if you did not know, AMD Overdrive displays Thermal Margin not the Absolute Temperature. In other words, it shows you the amount of degrees you have left until you hit the maximum temperature, which, if I recall correctly, it assumes is 70C.

So, with a Thermal Margin, it is telling you that you have 45.8C left until you pass 70C; you are at approximately 25C, for the core temperature. If you are at idle, which it appears you with the screenshot, that is a perfectly acceptable idle-temp.

FM2/FM2+ sockets have odd temperature read-outs, and temperature monitoring programs often bork when trying to interpret the information. A lot of this is due to AMD using one thermal probe, but having multiple ways of reading that information. People often have to cross-reference multiple monitoring programs to properly figure out which read-out is their core temperature, and which is their socket temperature. I had a Biostar A85W motherboard that gave me no less than four temperature read-outs. Messed up, eh?

As someone who does use 760k, I often do get really inaccurate temps. Whos know why or what.
I've never overclocked mine and am running closed loop and these still are at idle.

I can change the voltage with the Gigabyte software but it then defaults after a system restart. The BIOS only seems to allow me to increase voltage rather than undervolt :/

Yeah I've not seen anything like it. I knew about the Thermal Margin, I didn't realise the limit was 70C though. And 25C is a number I wasn't expecting this build at all haha. The system isn't suffering and it's super quiet too!

Well I guess with positive thinking you can go with the lowest temperature, and rely on your fans to tell you if it's being inaccurate at all!