X399 RAID0 rig won't boot from normal nvme volume

Hey All,

I have been trying to setup NVME Raid 0 on a an asus hyper x with 4 970 evo’s on aurous gaming 7 board. In general I have it working but there are few annoying things that do seem right with it.

First I always get a windows error when i try to load windows from my original nvme 950 pro drive and cant get into windows. I then can load windows and see the raid drive from a standard ssd and Mech hard drive. Weird thing is though if I turn off csm as suggested for nvme raid I cant see my ssd in the bios and cant boot. That leaves me with my slow back up hard drive wich for some reason is always maxed out when running windows

I might give up and leave CSM on and run it from ssd but down side is its max speed is 7500 gbs read and write which is awesome but I thought i can get a little more speed out.

It would be great if anyone can give some insight on what is going on or if anyone is having similar issues