X399 Motherboard Asus or Gigabyte?

I want to buy a new X399 motherboard but I don’t know which one is better than the other? the prices are almost identical.

1 - Gigabyte X399 AORUS Xtreme (AMD Ryzen Thread Ripper TR4/E-ATX /3X M.2/WiFi/Front USB 3.1 Type C/Dual Intel LAN/Motherboard)

2 - ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME AMD Ryzen Threadripper TR4 DDR4 M.2 U.2 X 399 E-ATX HEDT Motherboard with onboard WiGig 802.11AD WiFi, USB 3.1, and AURA Sync RGB Lighting

If you tried both brands which one served you better?


The gigabyte board has heatsinks, on the downside someone covered them with plastic…
Asus failed on the cooling front so bad, they released a cooling kit for the people running 2000 series threadripper. link

I personally don´t like either brand.

The Xtreme is sort of a “second gen” board from gigabyte. Working on the review right now.

I’m happy so far. The setup on the designare was A+ and they’ve improved that even with the Xtreme. It has dual VRM fans, just in case, whereas the designare has 1. But they only come on if they’re really absolutely needed.

Also, and this is purely anecdotal because I only tested one Asus board, but the ram compatibility has been better. The Asus board was the only one that had problems with 128gb kit out of the box. The new agesa is super awesome in terms of memory compatibility.

My AIB contacts say the IMC is a bit weaker on the 2990wx – like TR1 – than other TR cpus so I’m going to test that.


I’m so hesitating on which one is better I know they are both good but I like the design of the Gigabyte Xtreme more but I never tried or tested any Gigabyte product I only used Asus Crosshair Hero Vi. My processor arrived and I didn’t’ decide yet on which motherboard should I get :slight_smile:

Gigabyte is lagging a bit in the UEFI department – probably the least “blingy” UEFI of the big 4. But some folks find that desirable. Asus’ UEFI is prettymuch always well tested and top notch – but GB lets you do everything you need to with the TR CPUs so I don’t really see that as a big deal.

Asrock has all the raw options but can be a bit buggy and/or not well organized. MSI UEFI is usually really good too but sometimes can be organized weird.

Now the price for the MSI MEG X399 CREATION dropped now they are almost the same. Like a I need a third option.

I’ve also been comparing these boards for a 2950x build. I’m down to the MSI MEG Creation, GB Designare, and GB Aorus Xtreme. I haven’t been able to find any IOMMU groups for the Creation or Aorus Xtreme though, which would help things. You might find this thread interesting.

I read it, I think I will not choose the MSI due to several errors users mentioned, I think I like the Gigabyte but I want to wait for Wendill review it will help me to go choose since he reviewed both Asus and Gigabyte.

Yeah well pretty much every board has its pro´s and con´s really.
Gigabyte bios nowdays is indeed a littlebit less blingy.
But thats fine since it offers all the base functions and features you would need.
Their attempt to design a blingy bios was a total dissaster.
So its a good thing that after X99 they dropped that idea.

For the its pretty much like you summed´d up.
Asrock is still a bit rough, and still has allot to be improved on.
But again it still offers all the base functions.
Asus bios is pretty much the best indeed, especially the rog bios.
But in my opinion Asus should come with some revisions or new X399 Gen 2 boards with improvements on the vrm implementation really.
Msi bios pretty stylish, but sometimes hard to find certain options.

But never the less, i would kinde advice to go with a gen 2 X399 board “if possible” anyways.

I don’t see any Gen 2 motherboards released? is there a specific date? or am I missing something?

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It’s only the MEG and Aorus that are new and have wx chips power requirements in mind. Asus just has a VRM cooling kit to help with wx.

If you’re sticking with regular x 2-die CPUs and not going with wx, and don’t care about overclocking past 180W, you shouldn’t really worry.

Thank you for your answer you really helped me a lot, I decided to go with the Gigabyte.

Well even the gen 1 boards should basically be fine running the wx chip aswell.
As long as you have a decent airflow going on in the case really.