X399 Mobo and 256 GB RAM?

Has anyone managed to pack more than 128 GB into a Threadripper 1920x-2990WX using X399? If so, please share. I am into Virtualization and GPU-assisted ML.

Hi Ron,
I have been using 192Gb RAM with TR2950x for the last ~4 months. No problems at all.
Memory modules - 32Gb and 16Gb per channel G.Skil 3600/3200Mhz at 2933Mhz/cl16 both sets 2 ranks. ASRock Phantom Gaming 6 mobo. Stable with 6-8 vms - Virtualbox on Ubuntu 20.04.
Hope this might help.

I too have 128GB (ECC) with a 2950x — been running fine for quite awhile.

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