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X399 Designare: Threadripper Workstation Board | Level One Techs


Do you happen to remember the name of the particular kit used?


closeup in the video, I think.

and there is another video just on this kit of memory


Thanks for sending these over wendell!


I’ve been running 128 GB of RAM for a number of years now and I’m surprised how often it gets used. I’ve seen as much as +80% of it being utilized at once. Now admittedly this is rare but as needs increase in rendering and multi-tasking situations having this much memory might be a good idea. Too bad TR doesn’t have an equivalent to TB. If it did we would have no problem justifying 128 GB of RAM :slight_smile:


Thunderbolt? I got that working. Order a Titan ridge tb card. Plug and play with the designare mobo.