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X399 Designare: Threadripper Workstation Board | Level One Techs


Do you happen to remember the name of the particular kit used?


closeup in the video, I think.

and there is another video just on this kit of memory


Thanks for sending these over wendell!


I’ve been running 128 GB of RAM for a number of years now and I’m surprised how often it gets used. I’ve seen as much as +80% of it being utilized at once. Now admittedly this is rare but as needs increase in rendering and multi-tasking situations having this much memory might be a good idea. Too bad TR doesn’t have an equivalent to TB. If it did we would have no problem justifying 128 GB of RAM :slight_smile:


Thunderbolt? I got that working. Order a Titan ridge tb card. Plug and play with the designare mobo.


How well did it work? From my reading, some people had problems with hotplugging devices in Windows, but it was on other motherbords.

Will it work as a passthrough device?