X399 asrock learner

I new here and it has been a very long since I have used an consumer grade motherboard generally I use server / workstation supermicro boards. 6 months ago I purchased an Asrock x399 fatality motherboard as supermicro don’t make any x399 motherboards and I saw a youtube video recomending ithis model.

My journey along the AMD path has not been easy, to start with I could not get it to beyond the C0 error code I used the wrong sort ecc memory as I was used to using it in all my builds. After much pain suffering I managed to configure the on-board raid I just missed one step in the process and a freind had to talk me thru. here’s the problem at least one of them. I connected an sata drive for data storage, it called the drive raid 1 and I got all sorts of errors. How do I get my motherboard work with SATA drives or even SAS drives with an SAS hba controler card as I have several 12gb SAS drives.
Have I missed a bios setting?
I want to migrate to AMD as INTEL are getting too lazy and too expensive. To quote someone “that dog won’t hunt”