X370 Board recommendations

Good evening everyone!!! Long time fan, first time post. Decided to come here as I know Wendell and crew like Ryzen a lot and do a lot of different testing etc on the boards. In the next few weeks, by the end of August, I will be getting a Ryzen 1800x to replace my i7 6700k to better improve my streaming quality mainly. I am conflicted on what board I should get. I know the Crosshair VI has the dual mounting points for AM3 and AM4 so I wouldn't need to contact EK to get the mounting for AM4, but I am not much of a fan for Asus as I feel they are over priced. If it is the consensus of the community that this is the best board, then I will consider it. But I am looking for recommendations on which board to get. Up until now, I have always built with MSI so I am slightly bias to them.

That is 200,- bucks down the drain. The 1700 is the same chip and if you are managing clocks yourself anyway...

in terms of mobo i'd say asrock x370 taichi would be best bet, then maybe gigabyte.

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I pretty much agree with the lists, pretty much in that order too.

I've always had good luck with MSI as well, but even I'd suggest skipping them for X370. They simply aren't good boards for the money at the moment.

Also that. Even dropping to the 1700X would save $100 for 0.2 GHz that can easily be had by minor overclocking.

I am actually looking at possibly going with the 1700 over the 1800x. Doing more and more research on it seems to make it the much better choice over the 1800x as it performs within 5% of the 1800x when overclocked and paired with 3200mhz ram, which it will be.

As just mentioned in the quoted thread, the GB K7 and GB 5 are the same board except for the B-clock generator. If you don't plan on using that just pick by color I guess.

The Taichi board is actually the one I was really excited about and impressed with from Wendell's review a few months ago, but it clashes with my colors which is Black/Red. The x370 Professional Gaming board looks like a beast though. Going to need to do some research on it but its really a contender. Only thing I would need to do then is get the AM4 brackets for both my water cooling from EK as well as my back up air coolers from Cryorig.

Heared good things about the ASRock X370 Taichi
Having a good experience with the ASRock X370 Fatality Gaming K4

Bought me the Asrock X370 Taichi for my board. It is in shipping now and will be pairing it with a 1700x. Excited for this new build and chapter in my PC enthusiast life I liveā€¦ though my wife seems to not be to fond of it :stuck_out_tongue: