X360 Casemodding with PC Heatsinks

I have an old fat Xbox 360 that I'd like to devote to various modding projects, one of which is using aftermarket coolers for the CPU and GPU to replace the horrendously terrible stock fanless heatsinks (preferably with some low profile coolers). I'm thinking of powering them using the same header used for the dual fan at the back of the console, soldered to an expansions board of some description, so my first question would be this - does the fan header have enough power to power 2 CPU/GPU coolers (and maybe and additional case fans) or would I need a more inventive solution?

A cursory inspection of the motherboard looks as though the current X-clamp design for the heatsinks could accommodate an intel push-pin style cooler without much hassle, so my second question is whether any kinds of PC heatsinks can be fitted to the motherboard without, say, drilling any additional holes.


I doubt its possible, without a lot of modding at least. Getting power to the fan would be difficult since the connections are likely proprietary. Plus you'd have to put some kind of hole in the side of the case in order to get any decent airflow to the fan. It also looks like the stock heatsink covers more than the cpu itself so you may do more harm than good for the cooling anyway.

i think it is quite doable. ive seen watercooled ps3/360s, but aftermarket heatsinks?......

you will have to think outside the box, literally..... ditch the 360 case lol