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So what about you? Would YOU rather have enthusiast socket 3647 motherboard boards and i7/i9 CPUs (in addition to Xeon) or ANOTHER third refresh of x299?

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I agree that X299, or lets say intel’s HEDT platform in its current state is kinda dead indeed.
However i´m not sure if core i7 and i9 cpu´s should really have a place on the enthusiast server type of boards really.
It could be nice, when they create a sepperate chipset for them maybe,
atleast a chipset that unlocks overclocking etc.

I would personally just prefer X499, with pci-e 4.0, TB3 and all those goodies.
However intel should just stop gimping on pci-e lanes for the i7´s.
Because that to me is kinda unacceptable for HEDT.
And already kinda doomed X299 when it was released initially i think.

Because yeah AMD is likely already having their new Threadripper cpu´s in the pipeline.
And i have not really heared much concrete about X599 boards,
with pci-e 4.0 implementation.
But they likely have it in the pipeline to, so intel has to come up with something good. :wink:

The new pricing isnt to bad for the platform, but yeah this is going to be a dead socket after this latest wave imo.

Will be interesting what new TR4 Zen 2 chips and boards will be like

I guess I jumped off at the right time. (2011-3)

Also can we just talk about those naming schemes. How AMD basically stole the X399 and X499 right out of intels mouth? Idk about you but average consumers might find it confusing for a moment haha. Also intels shenanigans with PCIE lanes… when will they learn?

Well the thing is, with x299, intel simply made a bad decision,
Especially on the pci-e lane situations, 16lanes, 28 lane, 40 lane support.
I mean the support for the stupid Kabylake-X cpu’s made those boards,
ridiculously complicated on the pci-e lane and vrm department.
And complicated means expensive.

On the vrm situation, boards had to implement two additional single phase vrm’s,
Because the Kabylake-X cpu’s need two additional imput rails being vccIO and vccSA.
And all this additional complexity for just two cpu’s that likely nobody with a right state of mind would ever buy.

This was already one of the reasons why X299 was doomed in the first place.

Yeah im eyeing a lower tier threadripper because I dont really need 12 cores but thats fun I guess and all the PCIE lanes. I really want to try NVME only storage for my desktop… I also really want to get a server going thats a 6 drive setup for ZFS on freeBSD but @wendell might know more about the hardware to avoid…

Obviously im avoiding intel for reasons unless theres a decent reason to go with X299 or 3467 … They are more expensive :grimacing:

(Home lab server so ECC is all I really need and some drives)

I’m kinda holding out right now till the new Threadripper sku’s are going to be out.
But it’s likely that AMD might hold them back for a while, and wait for intels next move.
That would be kinda frustrating.

pci-e4 needs to come to threadripper.

See I think we might see a lot of cheaper 1st gen thread ripper CPUs and motherboards being sold used on ebay :wink: I build my servers based on scraps I find haha… I dont chunk out a lot of money… Ive never have been of that mind set save hard drives

Well i can already get a 2920X for like 350 euro right now.
And X399 boards are similary priced to X570 boards.
So yeah, i can totally see people jump on Threadripper cheaply now.
And lateron upgrade their cpu to the new TR sku’s.

X299 is pretty much pushed on a side track here.

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Well for a server I would not be upgrading TR haha… but for a desktop id love the new TR.

Yup only the X599 boards are likely going to be very expensive,
based on what current X570 boards are doing.

And yeah intel kinda faces the same difficulty here.
They need to come with a new platform and pci- gen4.
Because if not, they will get further behind AMD.
Even given the fact that pci-e4.0 is still quirky kinda, but X570 is basically a test dummy,
for the new TR cpu’s and likely X599 boards.

See on TR I dont really view that as all that expensive. These boards are massive and have a lot on them. Now X299 was stupid expensive for what it was.

IDK why everyone has a problem with chipset fans. feels like a blast from the past and I kind of like it. Not sure what other quirks are occurring. I definitely wouldnt run firmware upgraded 4.0 on intel or AMD.

Yes because X299 needed two additional imput rails on the vrm for vccio (qpivtt),
and Systemagent (vccsa).
just because of the support for kabylake-X that nobody would buy anyways.
This was just stupid.
And then i’m not even going to start about extra pci-e lane switches because of it.

X299 was largely doomed because of stupidity of the Kabylake-X cpu’s.
But yeah that is what you get, wenn you wanne show off that your,
cpu can hit the highest clockspeeds.
Like if anybody would even care right?

LOL only if your amd https://youtu.be/0D4W0kzNkek

You have to think of the future. Intel is partway into the desert. 2020 will see them with no new architecture for chips. Therefore they have to twist and dance with what they already have. A new chipset with all new boards is just what the doctor ordered. More features! More capabilities! And it will work with the current and future chips with long and confusing numbers! What everyone rails about is a joke. Intel is doing it on purpose to confuse everything to mask how barren the cupboard really is. When the really NEW chips come in 2021 watch how different the naming schemes will be.

Haha, well i think that amd and intel should focus more,
on stabilizing their systems, rather then pushing their cpu´s.
I mean in reality in terms of clockspeeds we are kinda hitting a seeling already on what current silicon can do.
I mean in the end basically anything between 4.2Ghz and 5.0Ghz is more then fine for everyday use.
But they should just focus on fine tuning their chips,
getting them more stable, adding instructions focus on cache and all that, rather then clockspeeds.

Although AMD kinda has allot of work to do on most of those points still.
in terms of raw clockspeeds the 7nm silicon of the Ryzen 3000 series cpu´s didn´t really improve that much.
But in general 4.3Ghz / 4.4Ghz isn’t really too bad, but could be better.
AMD in general should focus more on stability really.
Because lets be honnest, we are currently on the third gen of Ryzen cpu´s and motherboards.
But the platform in generall is still kinda buggy and shaky sometimes.
And AMD also should focus on adding more instruction sets to their cpu´s.
Because i believe they are kinda still lacking behind in that department as well.

Intel i think is generally a bit more stable.

Yeah sort of… Its interesting to talk about the future of silicon from an engineering stand point. They can also fine tweak single core boosts which can squeeze more st performance but that’s another subject…

I should hope so they had a decade on relatively the same platform but node shrinks to figure it out! :joy: