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X1950 and PCIE to NUMA mapping under Windows 10



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I’m looking to find out a way how my pcie devices (slots) are mapped to NUMA nodes in creator Mode.
I have a graphic card in slot 1 under windows and i would like to use project lasso to assign it only specific cores.
However i am not sure what cores to use, cause i cannot check topology.

I was trying to use coreinfo but it does not show pcie devices ;-(

Please help!



Probably the quickest way to find the topology would be to make a live Linux DVD/USB and use lstopo on the live Linux.

If you are not sure what Linux distro to use, then use Ubuntu. Download Ubuntu 18.10 from the link below and burn it using rufus to a DVD or USB drive.

Run sudo apt install hwloc, then you can run lstopo.