X-Files is coming back

Only six episodes, but some is better than none..

Dont be disappointed with 6 episodes, some of the best TV is short great series. Heres hoping :D

I did not watch a lot of x-files back(just every now and then) in the day, but I have been lately I have made it to season 7 ep 9 so far..

cant wait. scully is still a sweet dame lol

I hope that, rather than try to continue/salvage whatever previous story-line they had before, they just go back to the previous mini-series formula for these six episodes. Don't give us anything special, don't give us a reboot, just give us X-files.

... Honestly, as long as they don't have Scully taking Belfies, I think we'll be okay.

Super excited for this. I wonder if they'll go back to a 'Monster of the Week' formula for these 6 episodes, or a storyline spread over the entire series.

wonder if they will continue after the season 10 comics. i recently bought my cousin the first volume. will be interesting. Oh.. also.. they are bringing Coach back XD