X Blades Metal Pack

I made a music mod for x-blades , i am not quite sure if you can call it mod but here it is http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1793922/8156246/

This is my first time uploading a torrent so i am not sure if everything goes according to plan :P

lol, I think I'm the only guy with X-Blades on this forum besides. You.

Also, how do you beat the 2nd level after the beach? The one with that fire bug thing that shoots fireballs at you.

I have it... wife asked for it... I don't like the mouse and keyboard controls... too jerky... gonna have to use my PS2 to USB device... love that thing.

you have to circle around while jumping to avoing it's fireballs and then while in mid air throw either fireballs or dark balls, but dont get close to him, in order to get rage to throw fireballs you can must slay some deamons

For Logan

It works great and has vibration lol


That's it? For about 15 minutes, I ran under him using Earthquake and it took away 2mm of his health. God dammit!

Alright, I'll try that.

i took an old xbox controller and spliced the breakaway cable to usb.