WWT World of Tanks premium

I got a a Bunch of premium for World of Tanks, says it is $108 worth of the content. Willing to trade for something on steam for $20.

can ya link some info about that. I might have some friends that would be interested. check my steam inv for games that would interest you.


The one that comes with this wish it gave more info.

Are those some cards you got with the CPUs? would be nice to post some pics

I got the digital code with my 5820k

You know which of these comes with your CPU?

so it is a vb5 code the bonus invite codes are expired but it says nothing about this one. From what I have read it is a JT88 code

supposed to be this 7 days premium, 1250 gold and a JT88

go through my link and check out my inv, I'll ask my friends if they want it, and see how much its worth to them


If they agree

I found some info on those JT88 codes, says they expire on dec 31 2014. when did you buy the CPU. or if you get more info about it

Looks like they continued to include the promo until march 16th. but doesn't say when the code expires.

Bought it 2 days ago Tiger sent me the code.

I am just going to give the code out for free.