[WTT] Your chance to rip me off!


  Evening all!!!

   EDIT: I have metaphorically assumed "the position" and lowered my expectations, to give YOU my potential customers, an EVEN BETTER deal....  

   Take the lot, for just the one copy, of the bog standard Battlefield 4....

  Looking to trade, if anybody is interested, My ENTIRE steam "Gift" Inventory ( est $290 USD ish), For a copy of Battlefield 4 ( on Origin please, i live too far away from you all to be shipping retail packs ).  Hopefully.... 

  My Steam inventory is as follows: 

  ** Deadlight

  ** Deus Ex: Human Revolution- Standard Edition

  ** Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

  ** Afterfall Insanity: Extended Edition 

  ** Portal Bundle ( Portal 1 & 2 ) 

  ** Defiance 

  ** Final Fantasy VII

  ** Dishonored 

  ** 3d Mark 

  ** Trine 2: Complete Story

  ** Euro Truck Simulator 2 & Going East Expansion 

  ** Rage 

  ** Metro Franchise Pack ( includes Metro2033, Metro Last Light, Metro Last light: Ranger Mode and RPK DLC ) 

  ** Metro Last Light Season Pass.

   And the Required Pics:  http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj492/Shadeddoc/20140514_184144_zpsdf44d248.jpg


 I can also provide a link to said inventory on request....

  Most of you will probably think that im completely nuts ( I am just a little really )  but the reality is, All these games ( and software ) i either already have in my library, or purely not interested in playing, and i have friends ( honestly i do ) who want me to play with them and no budget for new games for the next few months =( 

  Hopefully somebody here will be interested in helping me out, whilst getting a nice Boost to their own collection...


if I had a copy of battlefield 4 and Did not already have all those games then I would snatch this up in an instant. BF4 is a pile of poo and most of those games are awesome games.

The CTE is making things quite a bit better.

 Yea, I love the majority of these games aswell,  i bought most of them when i was the guy funding the prize department of an australian gaming community.... which has since ceased to exist hahaha

  So here i am, owning several copies of some awesome games,  but cant afford to buy a game i keep hearing so bloody much about....

  On a side note... i cant seem to find anyone who says Bf4 is "average". Whats the deal? Everyone says its the best game ever or completely loathe it, seems like there is absolutely NO middle ground for this....

I think it's average xD. Amazing graphics, poor optimizations, decent gameplay elements, poor foundations such as netcode, glitches, crashes, etc. Overall a very enjoyable, yet very frustrating game. Worth the $60 admission fee, but probably not worth buying premium. 200+ hours definitely worth. Sorry I don't have a copy right now. I got mine for free ;) 

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a fanboy, I purchased BF4 in March and have experienced a total of maybe 4 crashes. Optimization is a lot better. There are still glitches and netcode, but as I said earlier, the CTE is improving some of them. Still not perfect, but better.

From my understanding, it was horrible at launch, but it's pretty playable now.

How much were you looking for if I said I wanted to take both Deus Ex, Final Fantasy VII and Rage?

  Lowered my expectations folks.... 

  Take the lot for just the single copy of BF4 on origin.... if i end up loving it, i can always get the premium in few months, when the  budget allows....


add on steam, xxposeidonxxx

send request to you

 Offer still available....

 Just to clarify, i am not currently interested in selling game individually.... if the time comes when i feel the need to do so, i will adjust the original post :-)

wish i had enough money for bf4 just bought a new pc and it will take a while to work up some cash


Shade I don't know if I can afford to purchase a copy to trade but if I did could I get some of the games sent to a friend and some to me?