WTT SW ToR account

Have a year old account that I don't use. I Bought the game cheap on amazon with 1 month free and subbed for 2 more. Have 1000 coins on there and preferred player status.

Make me an offer. Also have some other games like:

Hitman:Absolution, Sniper Elite V2, Cities in Motion 2, Sanctum: Collection, Orcs Must Die! GOTY, Garry's Mod.



2x Dungeon Siege III; 2xHitman: Blood money; 2x Tomb Raider; 2xJust Cause 2

Steam gifts: 2x Just Cause 2

Give me offers.

Would like Batman origins, BF4 or BF3 premium edition.


Images incoming:

Forgot HB

Garry's Mod gone...