WTT or WTS 2X Watchdogs keys

Hello I recently purchased a pair of Nvidia videocards and they came with a watchdogs key a piece. I've looked at the game and I don't think its my cup of tea so I have 2 keys that I will likely never use. So I would like to ideally trade them for a base copy of ArcheAge via steam.   Watch dogs has a retail value of 59.99$ Cdn the Silver founders edition ArcheAge currently goes for 49.99$.


I have 2 game codes I will trade both for the Silver founders edition. (your more then doubling your money...)




Is there anything else you would take, Autodesk keys maybe?

I don't really have much use for autodesk software, thanks for the offer though.

Something from here for one or both of those keys?



Are you still looking to trade those keys?