[WTT] MSI GTX 660 twin frozr OC ED. for AMD equivalent

I have a MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr OC Edition GPU and I would like to trade for the hopefully newest AMD equivalent.

Long Story short, I purchased this GPU with a 3D monitor with the thought that Nvidia's cards worked better for 3D. I only later realized I had made a mistake and spent too much money on this card when I could have purchased a 7870 for $70 less at the time.


SO if anyone has an AMD equivalent to this card and would be willing to trade PLEASE let me know.

P.S. I'm an AMD fan boy. >.> not really but I prefer them.


Images Below.


I have a XFX R7 260X I would trade

In the latest AMD cards, the R9 270 would be the equivalent. The R9 270X is an 8% boost from the R9 270. So either would be the ideal trade. A 7870 would be older gen equivalent.

The 260 and 260X have 30-50% less performance than the 660. The 280 would be a 15-20% performance boost and the 280X would be 30-40%.

Hope that puts some perspective on it. Why trade though? You could try and sell the card and purchase a higher end AMD with the extra money? Right?

Sorry I wasn't familliar with Nvidia's line up, I was under the assumption the the 260x was a 7850 and the specs looked similar


270X vs 660. 

Plus a 270 can be OCed to 270X speeds.

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