(WTT) [H]AMD Silver game code [W] DayZ standalone

Title says it all. I just bought and R9 270 and don't want any of the games it comes with. But I do want DayZ standalone.

something from my inv instead. Have lots of games :)



Holy shit haha...ill trade you medal of honor and flight of the icarus for chivalry :3 

Have MoH on origin, and dont need FoI.

What do you want for Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior and Portal 2?  This is what I have to offer https://teksyndicate.com/forum/buysaletrade/wttsteam-games/181050

Sorry  to PhilBilly881 for hijacking the thread kinda.

If your games are also steam gifts, I'd take papers,please and metro LL complete for those 2. add me on steam if you're interested

So, anybody have DayZ.......

Sry no :)

Considering the scamming rate for that game I'm reluctant to get it. But you can have a stab at my inv if you can find something with similar appeal.

can I have cant stop laughing bundle and chivalry 

sure add me on steam when you get a chance