[WTT] GTX 780 Dual FTW, FX-8350, CLC, 22" Monitor

I'm looking to trade my EVGA 780 FTW for a 780 or 780ti reference.  Reason why is because i've been getting ready to do a full water cooling system, including gpu and the FTW PCB's aren't reference.  I'm willing to make up the difference either paying or include some of my other stuff if you are willing to trade for a 780ti.



I do have an FX-8350, This is a golden chip, i was able to hit 4.8ghz on 1.45v and had it as 24/7 on stock voltage running @ 4.6ghz.  Great chip, not a single issue.




Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer.  This is actually a really great 120mm CLC.  Great stuff and runs flawless, comes with AMD/Intel brackets, has 2 fans which perform quite well and are low noise.  I was able to do my 4.8ghz OC with this cooler.



AOC 2236  is a 22" monitor, works real great.  For a TN panel is has great color reproduction and has great response time, i believe 2ms GTG.




Thanks guys!

Where are you ?

I live in Las Vegas

PM with a price for the 8350 please. Very interested. Living in Canada btw. Cheers.

Why are you selling??

i upgraded to Devils Canyon, bought another monitor, and went h100i with my cooling.  So now i'm just getting rid of the stuff i'm not using.

how much for 8350?

Probably going to be ~$100

Price on the cooler?

Holy snap I should've saved my money and bought your cpu instead of a new 8350

Yes I too am interested in the cooler.

Cooler i'm selling for is $50

I would like the cooler it's just it'll be awhile before I have money for shipping + the $50. So I am interested but if someone else can buy it before me you can sell it.