[WTT] Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (PC Code) - closed

This trade is now closed. Thank you all for your time! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

I have:

Burnout Paradise (Origin & Steam) Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (Origin & Steam), Dead Space 3 (Origin), Medal of Honor 2010 (Steam), Sims 3 & DLC (Origin), Dead Space 1 (Steam), Mirrors Edge (Steam)

I'll consider Crysis 2. I'm not really interested in military shooters and the rest I have already played

I have World of Goo and L4D2 on steam, and about 9 bucks in my wallet.

I already have L4D2. Sorry. I have already played world of goo as well.

Sounds like someone picked up a humble bundle :)

Care to trade for a BF4 code?

Sorry, but I'm not interested in shooters like Battlefield, COD, or Medal of Honor. I played games like that all the time on console and I just got burned out on them. I'm looking for something I haven't played before really.

I have Maxpayne 3 complete/Castlevania/Portal 2/Torchlight 2/Hitman Collection/Empire Total war/ Witcher 2/Spec ops the line all steam gifts if you are interested?

Castlevania, Portal 2, Torchlight 2 I'm interested in. Which castlevania is it?

Castlevania 1

Is that code still valid? Says valid untill march or while supplies last

I'm pretty sure it means that the game will be bundled with the GPU until March, but I'll make sure.

Ok I'm not sure. I read the terms of service and that didn't clear it up so to be safe I'll accept an offer tomorrow February 27, 2014


castlevania and torchlight for AC4? only have 1 portal 2 left so can bundle up the other 2 games for ya?

I think I'll go with SmileAsTheyDie's offer. Sorry. Best of luck getting what you want though :)

I would realy want that key can you add  me on steam so we can do this a bit faster


Ok I added so so we can talk about it