WTT - 1090T & Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7 MB + 8 Gig Ram for 22 inch LCD Monitor

Title says it all, want to trade CPU+Mobo+Ram for a 22 inch Monitor, preferrably BenQ

Pics to come when I find my camera USB

would you do for hp2311x

how old is the 990fxa-ud7, and would u be willing to straight out sell it..wanting to upgrade my ud3 but don't want to spend the money for a brand new one.

I do have a 22" AOC 2236 monitor i'm willing to trade.

Hey guys sorry about the long length of time, dramas with PC's and all, it's a Rev 1.0, so the very first UD7 which I purchased as soon as it was released. they have gone through an OC or two (1090T has gone to 4.2 stable) but have not been punished as such and have since resided as a FreeNAS box, I did forget to mention that I live in Australia if that will shade your decision

Bad news, brought the board out to test it to make sure it was ship shape, but SATA ports 1 & 3 are dead

can someone lock this please? I mean is it that hard to follow the rules here?