[WTSOT] Pro AV rackmountable items goodies Extron, Polycom, Crestron, NVR, DVD-R, Solid State Audio. CHEAP! 01/01/22

Recently acquired 3 racks filled with AV equipment, willing to sell or trade REALLLLL CHEAP!

I’m not sure if all items work as intended if you ask real nice I can test it out for you. additional PIX of items on request. Comes with power cable and all cables currently plugged into the back of unit most if not all AV and LAN cables were lopped off one end at removal from Business I DIDN’T DO IT! No remotes included from what I’ve looked up on ebay they are pretty cheap if you need one. PayPal buyer pays shipping most items I will sell you for $10 plus shipping. (located in Peabody, MA 01960) “Da North Shore Kidd!” He said with a thick Boston accent! I’ll be listing the racks and ACC like shelves and block off plates later.

5x Panasonic DMR-ES18 DVD recorder no remotes $10EA

3x Marantz solid state recorder PMD560 $20EA

1x Denon solid state recorder DN-F450R $20

1x Extron AV Matrix switcher MAV plus series $20

3x Extron video distribution amplifier $10EA

2x Extron Audio distribution amplifier $10EA

2x Pelco color quad $10EA {IN PIC ABOVE}

1x Polycom SoundStructure SR12 Digital 12ch mixer? $40 {IN PIC ABOVE}

1x Crestron AMP-3210T 3ch 210Watt AMP $200 Works tested

1x Crestron PRO2 Professional Control Center $40

HERE are some more random pics of the backs of things still in rack.

Thanks for looking as far as trades go I’m looking for a run of the mill working atx power supply for a old celeron desktop, DDR3 ECC RAM, computer, guitar stuff or HO train DCC stuff. SBC Arduino that kind of stuff.

Can you get some more info on the extron gear? Interested in the matrix if it works with my system.

Sure, I’ll pull it from the rack and get detailed pics of the input and output and model numbers and serial numbers.

Here are detailed PIX of the Matrix if you buy it I will include the cables that were attached to it as complete as possible. It powers on and lights up beyond that I duno never had it hooked to cameras or monitors to see, I saved these 3 racks from going to the metal scrapper so…

damn NTSC/Analog only. Doubt you will find a buyer for that unless they have 16x VCR’s and Tube TV’s.

LoL well it was connected to like 5 analog dvr’s I’m pretty sure the system was built circa 2012.