[WTSOT] Old Computer Parts, Circuit Design stuff, etc

I have a 775 socket motherboard that supports 4 gb of ddr2 Ram, 7 Dimms of ddr2 Ram ranging in capacity, 2 intel pentium 4 ht one @2.8 GHz the other @3 GHz. I have the origianal case for it, just no power supply or side panel. I have a bunch of micro-controller stuff and books to go with it. I also have circuit design parts and books to go with each one. I also have a millitary tuning head @ 4-7GHz. A large number of anti static bags. 

Name your price or ill trade for last gen graphics cards, tf2 items, or game codes unused of course.

Pics: http://s1012.photobucket.com/user/aweblade4/library/tek%20syndicate

I also will trade for monitors