WTSOT 5930k, R9 280x(sold), Cougar Case

I was gearing up for a new pc build once the x99 platform came out, but I have since had to rethink my plans due to money problems. 

The 5930k was bought early October and is still factory sealed. I will either trade it for a 4770k/4790k with a high end motherboard or for 500$.

The r9 280x is sold.

The Cougar mid tower case was bought a couple months ago. A rebate has been redeemed for the case, but it has been sitting in my closet for sometime now with the plastic still on it and everything. Includes all mounting hardware and brackets. 20$ or I'll throw it in for free to the one who buys the 5930k.

Buyer pays for shipping. I will ship anywhere in the US.

Thanks for helping me out. P.M me if interested. If you feel that my prices are unfair, we can try and work something out. :)


Would you be interested in trading for a 4770K and Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H motherboard? Not sure how high end you want to go but it's served me well in my Hackintosh/Windows 7 dual boot setup. Feel free to message me through Steam: iviauricius, if you'd like faster messaging.


It's a tempting offer, but I can't accept because I need the board to do 3 way crossfire. That board does look pretty killer though.

Why would you want to do three way crossfire?... Like seriously its horrible. 

No problem. Thanks for the reply! :)

I run an eyefinity setup and need the extra horsepower.