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[WTS] Xaomi Pocophone F1 [48 USA]


Purchased it back in December of 2018. Been a good phone and function perfectly except for an occasional glitch. It does not happen often, maybe once or twice a day but the screen will randomly freak out and input some kind of ghost touches. This will usually lock the phone as if double tapping the top of the screen and when typing a message all the clicks register at the top of the screen.
I have tried restoring it to stock and many back ups but to no avail the issue still exists. If you can deal with that minor inconvenience, its a solid phone.
Its running LineageOS 16 Android 9.0 with GApps nano installed.
Also ran the decryption disable and the Magisk
Will include the stock charger w/ cable and a US adapter.
The case that came with the phone is still present as well.

128GB internal storage
Dual sim (single if using a MicroSD card)
MicroSD card slot
Rear Finger Print scanner
1080x2246 Resolution

Asking $170 shipped if that sounds reasonable. Thank you for your time.

Detailed specs if interested

Some closeups



Why is the drunk one selling the drunkphone



I listed in the top paragraph that there is an issue that persists and happens at least daily. Some sort of ghost inputs as result of the touch screen. Already order a Razer Phone 2 so just going to get rid of this one.
If one can ignore that the phone is great.

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Bump price updated. Initial price too high I assume.



Another bump.



Price updated to $170 shipped if anybody wants to buy.
most likely not…



One final bump then just keeping the phone. Most likely will push updated lineage and firmware update.