(WTS/WTT) A bunch of hardware (mobos, keyboards, cpu's)

I have a bunch of WYSE gear lying around, and what better place to sell some of it than here?
Here goes:
Wyse WY 60 terminal keyboard (2x of them available). They have the original Cherry MX blacks on them, and Doubleshot molded keys. Will need to mod them to work on USB, see my thread here to learn how: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/how-to-mod-old-wyse-keyboards-terminal-connector/99182
$15 each plus shipping.

Updated hardware (as of July 23rd, 2016):

Asus Maximus VII Formula- Used, unknown condition ( I dont have any lga 1150 CPU's to try it out, but there is no issues- worked well for the guy who gave me it) $200 + shipping obo

Random Xeon X3430: $10+shipping.

Some 4-port Sata controller:$10+shipping

Open to trades, I'm interested in most anything tech related. And if you want to negotiate on prices thats cool too. I'm pretty flexible.I'll be adding a bit more in a few days.

Thanks for any interest!

I'm interested in one of the Wyse terminals as I've been meaning to do some research on terminals for some time now. Do those have a special purpose or do they work exactly the same way as say a linux tty other than the fact that it's just 100 times more badass? Also are there any major difference between the terminals you're selling?

The connectors on the back of the terminals are basically all like this:

Some only have the parallel ports (the bigger ports.)
I'm pretty sure they are just dumb terminals, so you can use them as you would like.
I can grab some more photos if you would like.
Not entirely sure how they work either, I just tested for basic function.

That keyboard is sexc af. Damn

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I turn an old power supply just like that one into the switch for my bedroom's lights.

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Update: I'm really open to offers, I pretty much won't refuse one as long as it covers shipping.

How much do think it would cost to ship one of the terminals to germany?

Pretty interested in the keyboard. About the mod though, do I need a micro controller or can I just wire it straight to USB or PS/2?
I recall you posted it somewhere.

I'm going to guess something like $50, depending on your location as the lightest terminal weights in at around 15 pounds. I'll check to be sure.

You need a controller, it needs it due to some annoying WYSE tech that makes it so that you can't easily adapt it. Something to do with the clock signal.
And the link to the guide is here: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/how-to-mod-old-wyse-keyboards-terminal-connector/99182

Hey all, make an offer if you are interested in whatever! All the stuff has just been sitting around so yeah. Thanks!

Damn I would have almost forgotten about this thread! I'm still intersted in one of the terminals (one with a small serial port). However first of all I would need to be sure that I could get it to work the way I want it to. My goal would to have it connected to my arch box running bash (mostly emacs because I've been getting into that kind of stuff lately). I would also like to do the occasional ssh into my nas. Do you know of guide to set up a terminal that way. Then there is still the shipping part. And last but not least the terminals are a bit...filthy. You think those are still in a cleanable state? So if those conditions are met we might be able to negotiate a nice price

Edit: Also I forgot to ask but what kind of keyboard can I connect to those terminals?

Well, tbh I have no idea how they connect to other devices (they all use the big Parallel port, with a Modem and Aux connection) so I'm not so sure how one would connect it to a modern PC.
I found a few things that may help though: http://www.wiseterm.co.uk/help/serial_comms.htm

Regards to shipping, at this point I'd do whatever-shipping-costs plus $5 for the terminals, Also, only the Executone Terminal has any major dirty spots, the others arent spotless but aren't terribly dirty either.

and the keyboards that are also fs in the thread are the ones for the terminals :) If you get a terminal + KB can do shipping + $20 for both (because will have them in the same box, so can give better price on both :D)

Wow holy crap unless I read that wrong I'm really starting to consider this. Though I'm not sure about the keyboards as the layout is slightly offputting. Also I prerfer to have zeh german qwertz master race (though I can live without it)
And I'll try to find out if I can connect this to my pc

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anyone interested at all send me PM :) I'm pretty willing to negotiate

bump because of updated stuff for sale :)

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