[WTS] WASD Keyboard V2 104 Key Cherry MX Blue

I have a WASD V2 mechanical keyboard for sale for $70 $60 USD, shipped to the US (or best offer) This is a 104 keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches. There is no LED lighting/back lighting on this version, other than the num lock/caps lock indicator lights. The key puller and USB-A/micro USB-A connector are included.

I believe the keys are PBT double shot keys, so they wear very well. The menu key has a tux logo on it too.

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Bump- price is $60 shipped to the US, or best offer.

Please give this a home so that it’s not e-waste. Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Why not surprise that special someone with Cherry MX blues? Don’t think too hard about it, just buy it already.

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Bump - low ball offers accepted!!

Please help this keyboard find a good home and prevent it from becoming e-waste. Think of the children! and I’m pretty sure that Wendell will give a mean sneer :dagger: at a kitten if I don’t get rid of this keyboard.

Edit: I think the firmware can be updated, so a motivated buyer might be able to install QMK with some reverse engineering and hardware hacking… please form an orderly line.