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[WTS] [USA48] HTC Vive Wands

Want to sell my extra HTC Vive wands that came with my Vive Cosmos Elite HMD that I purchased in July.
I thought I would use them for some projects after I received my index knuckles but they have been sitting collecting dust.

HTC Wands
[$120 shipped for both controllers | $70 shipped for a single controller]

Tracking feels alright, very consistent when playing beat saber but also somewhat lacking. Touch pad is okay but clunky for an interface. Will include the charge for each controller.
If both purchased will throw in the index like strap for the controller. First come first serve.


HTC Watchman dongles
[$20 shipped for a single dongle | Two available]

Required for each SteamVR device, you can use SteamVR tracking with any HMD regardless of brand if you purchase the 1.0 or 2.0 base stations and use a compatible controller such as an HTC Wand or Index Knuckle.
As far as I know, there is some issues with using the Quest and SteamVR tracking, I believe they are compatible with OpenVR Advanced settings and OpenVR Space Calibrator as I have friends who use the quest with HTC trackers for full body tracking in games. I am not certain it will work for controller input on the quest. Oculus games may or may not be compatible.
I have confirmed SteamVR tracking with HTC Wands and Trackers on a Samsung Odyssey+ and an Oculus Rift S respectively.

Thank your for your time!

Small bump.

Hey, first time here and I don’t know how to respond but I’m interested in the two watchman dongles if they’re still there.

Yes, still available. We can go to PM’s for address and payment. thank you for stopping by. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m interested about that too, what should I do ?