[WTS][US][EU] Random tech and phones

So, I've managed to assemble a large number of tech things. And I've gotten annoyed with eBay so heres a thread with ALL the things I can sell currently. Will update periodically. Also Prices are all or best offer, so feel free to PM me. Also larger items like graphics cards I will as that you pay shipping, but phone's and CPUs and the like I will cover shipping in the listed price.
Shipping to EU: you pay for shipping on all purchases, will let you know the costs in PM and so forth.

Current stuff for sale:
Verizon Galaxy S5. Comes with both the charger and the charger thing. $130.

Working with no issues Verizon Moto X Gen 2. $65

Lot of Moto X gen 2's with cracked screens. Also will include two replacement screens. And an otterbox for the one of them. $150.

Verizon Droid Turbo XT1245 no issues. $70.

Verizon Moto X gen 1. $30 per. I have 4 that work for sure and a couple more i need to test.

Intel dual port gig NIC. $15

A6-3650's. FM1 socket APU's. $20 per.

Quado 4000's. $50 each. I have 5 total but i know these two work for sure so listed them, but if you are interested can sell the others too.

Quadro K4000's: $150 each. I have tested 2 of the four so far, will let anyone interested know how the other two are and if they work/don't. If the untested ones turn out ded will be $30 each for those ones

Random flash card- make offer if you really want it, most i would really ask is shipping lol.

I'll keep adding/updating as time goes on :D


do you have any at&t phones
i'd accept something as old as a GS3

Other than my old nokia and my current phone

Trying desperately to find a reason to by one of the quadros...


32 or 64GB?

Free shipping on this to Toronto, Canada, or nah?

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Tbh, I don't know. I'd have to set it up to find out.

Probably, i'm in northern MN but I''ll see. if it's more than like $10 probably will ask for shipping but otherwise no


Awesome, thanks. Also, this one works on GSM right (specifically Freedom/Wind Mobile (same company))? Just wanna make sure, before buying.

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I'm really not sure, it's a verizon phone so it might work. I just don't know if the 4G bands on it are compatible-

quote from the site on which bands it definitely works with:

LTE Band 13/4 (700/1700 MHz), CDMA/1xEVDO Rev. A (800/1900 MHz); Activate Advanced Calling 1.0 to experience Simultaneous Voice & Data
EDGE/GSM (850/900/1800/1900), HSPA/UMTS(850/900/1900/2100)

Pretty sure it'll work fine. I'm interested if it's 64GB, if not, sell it to someone else. Still interested in the NIC

its 32gb
toitally didnt just make an account with the name test icle to set it up lol
but yeah 32gb one


Hey is the moto X gen 2 verizon? Also are you an american national? What region?


yes, yes and midwest :)

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How much do you think will it cost to mail a phone to the Europe with a resonable chance that will get here still working and intact?

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lets see
depends, mainland europe is probably pretty easy. Small packages cost between $10-30 for me to ship there depending on location.
But i can definitely package it well for you.

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Sure, I wasn't doubting about you ability to package it well but couriers and mail delivery worries me lol
Don't keep anything for me, I'll take some time to think about purchasing something. Thanks for the answer!

P.S. is it locked on the Verizon service?


Down to buy the NIC, asap.

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le bump
am going through all these atm for the listing, will add to OP when I've finished testing them:

also these will be added to the thread soonTM as soon as i test them all lol

will let you know when i add them

Im interested in a quadro or 2.

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How much for those elitebooks, and what are their specs?