[WTS] *SOLD* Corsair DDR4 2×8GB 3200MHz RAM (8 sets)

EDIT: All kits are sold.

Here it is. There are 8 kits of white Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz 2×8GB (16GB) RAM available. They are all identical.
Timings are all the same at 16-18-18-36. Pictures of that are found below.

I am asking $125USD per 16GB kit, plus shipping.

You check out what USPS flat rate box those would fit in?

I was thinking about the DVD shaped box. Seems like the best way to ship them.

So like $7ish shipping to Con US

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If anyone cares I have 2x kits of these in the black cover color and was able to get 3066MHz with 2 sticks, and 2933MHz on all four on an Asus Prime X370 Pro and 1700X. There has been a BIOS update since then and I haven’t messed with specific timings much yet.

TL;DR: not too bad on Ryzen but not perfect.

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Bump. I still have all 8 sets available.

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pm sent

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All kits are sold.

Since all kits have been sold. Thread is locked.