[WTS] Skylake build - i5-6600, 16GB RAM, R9-380, 240GB SSD, 3TB HDD & 2 keyboards

I used this as my main PC for around two years before I built my Ryzen system. It’s sat in a box since then, gathering dust. I want to find a good home for it, rather than have it continue to sit around in my closet.

Pictures: Skylake Build - Album on Imgur

The specs are as follows:

PCPartPicker Part List


  • I will update the BIOS to the latest revision (F22e; released 2018) after I finish wiping the HDD.
  • Memtest passed. (I forgot to include my datestamp in the photo, though.)
  • The SSD has 8 bad sectors according to the SMART data. (I included a screenshot of the SMART data for both disks in the album.)
  • I never mined on the GPU.
  • Wifi module tested and confirmed working.
  • Info on the keyboards can be found in this post.


  • $200 OBO local pickup (Charlotte, NC)
  • Shipping is extra
  • Will ship anywhere UPS delivers, even internationally

Edit: Corrected the GPU (I had it mixed up). This is an R9-380, not an R9-270. That certainly boosts the value of the system, but I’m leaving the price as-is.

I estimate this would cost about $300-400 to piece together from used parts (not including shipping), but I just want someone else to take it off my hands.

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That’s a great value, good luck seeling

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Actually how much to ship to bowling green or Lexington

Depending on the final weight (what packing material I use and how much), UPS Ground will be $20-30 (same amount to either city, I tried zip codes 42101 and 40507) and USPS Parcel Select Ground will be $40-50.

Update: I finished packing it and know the exact dimensions now.

Shipping costs will be $23 for UPS Ground, $26 UPS 3-Day, $34 UPS 2-Day, $54 USPS Parcel Select Ground, or $57 USPS Priority Mail. (If you want a signature, add $5 for UPS or $3 for USPS.)

Edit: This PC is still available