[WTS] Selling some old parts

Selling a few different things!

Nexus 5 32gb - bought from google play, carrier unlocked and unlocked boot loader. Pics show it running 4.4.4 omnirom but I've since flashed it back to stock. I'll flash it to whatever you want though. Has some issues with the modem on ATT network, and there's some kind of battery leak issue. Sometimes the battery seems to be fine, other times it burns through rather quickly. I'd like 200 (it was 450 new) but I'm open to changing the price, just ball me a number with some reasoning behind it.

OCZ ZT 750w PSU - Gently used for a few months with my first build. switched over to a seasonic a while ago, not used since. Stable power supply and quiet too, fully modular and 750w bronze certified. Original box and all the cables. Asking 60, open to discussion.

Corsair XMS2 DDR2 RAM 4gb - Some DDR2 I've had laying around for forever. I'll never use it, I'm 90% sure it works. 20 bucks.


Corsair GS800 PSU - Bought used from a friend, works well, used it in my system for a while. Asking 80, will talk about price a bit.

Antec Eleven Hundred V2 - First case, didn't really match what I was trying to do. None the less a very solid case, simple, easy. It doesn't look too good in the pictures but I have all of the 5.25 covers as well as PCI covers. Asking 60 before shipping, price negotiable depending shipping, and only shipping to lower 48. PSU NOT included, I just haven't taken it out yet

Get a hold of me and lets see what we can work out! I'd love to pass some of this on to somewhere it'll be used (and fuel my upgrades :D)

I am definitely down to buy that DDR2!

Hey, just wanted to check in and say I'll get a hold of you soon. Sometime tomorrow if I can, work schedule is crazy right now :/

Yeah no problem at all.