[WTS] Selling my ASUS GeForce GTX 970 STRIX-


I'm gonna switch to AMD otherwise it's a card that has served me well .

Photos of all of the items being offered, with physical evidence of your Level 1 Techs username and the current date of the time you started the sale are required for all sales. "Physical item" is as in a piece of paper or whatever you can find with your Level 1 Techs username and date written on it. If you do not follow this rule, you will be given 48 hours in advance to do so, otherwise your thread will be locked.

You need to picture the card with your username, date, and the start sale time.

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Thanks buddy! i'll try to get to it im a little busy today.

Can get a brand new non-reference RX 480 for that price :confused:

well you can. thats upto you. 970's are like 500 on amazon, 370 on newegg, which is why i priced it as.

your really steep on that man, you can get one from microcenter refurbished for less or ebay for like <$160usd. Whats left on amazon and newegg are the "new old stock" which is guna be crazy high and have very little people buying them.


There's refurbished ones on Ebay, starting at $170.

Second hand are going for even less.


Dear El Bano If time passes and you can't sell it I'll buy it from you for very little if you are willing to lower your price (a lot).

As mentioned in the first reply you need to follow the buy sell rules when posting.
As you've not updated the post I'll close this. Feel free to create a new post with the relevant information.