[WTS] Selling AMD Gaming PC

In good condition, I just want to get an Intel / nvidia x99 set up. First time doing this... Post offers here. I will post pictures with proof of ownership in a few hours.
-CPU : FX 8350
-HDD : WD Caviar Black 2TB
-SSD : Adata SX900 128GB
-RAM : Corsair Vengeance Pro Silver Edition 16GB
-GPU1 : HIS R9 280x Overclock Edition
-GPU2 : HIS R9 280x Overclock Edition
-Case : CM Storm Trooper
-PSU : XFX Fully Modular 750w Bronze+

Are you selling parts individually, or all in one?

Waiting on photos and a response to Dasa188 question??

Please read the rules:

still need a date on that paper..
Edit: to what it should have said, because of my error..

I edited your title to include the correct tag by the way.

Shouldn't really need the time as that's a bit excessive for an evidence; a date is enough. I'll look into the rules.

you are correct..I miss read the "date of the time" ..

I would love to possible grab the cooler from you for $30?

what motherboard do you have? and are you selling parts, or all together?

If you're selling parts, how much are you looking for one of the GPUs, the HD and/or the SSD?

Would you want to sell one of the GPUs? I'll offer $100 to $180. I won't be able to buy it off you until mid June, possibly early June.

Is the RAM in 2x8GB sticks, or 4x4GB? Also, how much are you looking to get from it?

Is the computer still available?

Whats your offer?

idk id say its like 5 - $550 ish

idk man pretty sure the PC would cost more than $550. I'd say atleast $800 or $900.

Agreed. CF R9 280 alone is worth about 400. I think this would be about 900 as well.

new, sure

Well new this system is like 1100-1200 so 900 would not be that unreasonable. Maybe 800 then?