[WTS] SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 390 8GB - Like New In Origional Box [SOLD]

This card was used exclusively to feed my PlanetSide 2 addiction, no mining. Card is in Like New condition, was run only in a filtered Define R4 case, and was bought new from Amazon in the winter of 2015. Looking to get at least 350 + shipping out of this card.

Tells me that’s not 350 USD

That 350 USD is based on the average of the top 12 hits for this model card on ebay.


Top 12 most recent sold listings I see (aside from the not working card) only one was over $300.

Prices are dropping fast it seems. Not trying to be a jerk but that was the first thing I looked for when I saw your listing.

Looks like it’s in amazing shape though, GLWS

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No worries mate, you are right, for some reason prices are sinking like a rock on this generation. That was as of the last time I looked. Typical for my luck… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m willing to consider offers below asking.

Monero just kicked a ton of ASICs, and I’m hearing the profitability just skyrocketed. I’m not too familiar with all of that, but it’s something to look into when trying to figure out what you can get away with regarding GPU prices, which were starting to fall.

Not seeing it yet (this chart is the last month):