[WTS] Retro Computers (IBM 5150 and Commodore 64)

I’m trying to find a good home for a couple vintage computers that I’m looking to part with. I need to downsize and don’t have enough room for these anymore and haven’t been using them much. The Commodore and IBM work fine last time I checked about a year ago. There is a ton of accessories for the Commodore such as joysticks, dot matrix printer, touch pad, software, etc. The IBM also has some software. I’d like these to go as bulk sales rather than part things out (for the respective systems). If there is some interest I will go back and take pictures of the individual accessories. Below is a picture of them without the accessories. It would be nice to get some money for them but frankly prices are so crazy all over the place (ebay) that I’m not sure the best way to assign value to them. As we are dealing with large heavy items I’m not looking to ship these to any buyers and would like to do some kind of local sale (I wouldn’t mind driving a few hours to meet in the middle but would probably have to ask for some small additional compensation). I’m hoping these go to folks that want to use and tinker with them. I’m based in North Dakota so honestly not expecting many nearby local folks.

Sale date start: 6/15/2019

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Just as a headsup:
Buy/Sell/Trade Rules

Photos of all of the items being offered, with physical evidence of your Level 1 Techs username and the current date of the time you started the sale are required for all sales.

Thanks Maze,

Added the sale start date, been a member of the forum for quite a while, just don’t post much, not sure how to provide physical proof of membership like it states. If there is feedback and interest I will take pictures of every single accessory but would rather gauge interest first as that stuff is stored away at the moment.

Write your username on a piece of paper and put it in the photo with the items you are selling.

Here’s an example.

Thanks Dobzz, original image has been replaced.

I’m signing off on this WTS. Thanks @techprojoe for bringing it into compliance!

Agh! I’d love to have both of those setups. I learned typing at school on the IBM and had that Commodore setup at home.

I actually have a friend in Fargo, but I have no idea how I would get it from him if he picked it up. :frowning:

I hope you find a good home for them–they deserve it!

Falls over everything to get into the thread


What do you want for the 5150?


If I was single we would be in a bidding war over that 5150 :slight_smile:

Can’t believe how good it looks

Hey Folks,

Thanks for the replies. Doesn’t seem like that many folks in the nearby area (North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota) that would be interested but I kind of expected that. I do have one person that is interested in the IBM and will update if that goes through.

Prices of these things are all over the place, but I guess fair starting ask prices for these would be:

Commodore $175
IBM $350

I tested the systems a couple of weeks ago, and sorry, but I’m not shipping CRT’s via any method, seems like too much hassle to me. Unfortunately the floppy drives on the IBM don’t appear to work, but I see its common for the disk drive cables to go bad over time, but it does have a hard drive that boots to DOS.

I took some more pictures of the systems.

IBM Keyboard Top

IBM Keyboard Bottom

IBM Monitor Front

IBM Monitor Back

IBM PC Front



Inside IBM PC

Startup of IBM PC

IBM PC Running a Game

IBM PC Mouse

IBM PC Software

Commodore 64 Top

Commodore 64 Side

Commodore 64 Back

Commodore 64 Bottom

Commodore 64 Disk Drive Front

Commodore 64 Disk Drive Back

Commodore 64 Monitor Front

Commodore 64 Monitor Back

Commodore 64 Initial Start

Commodore 64 Playing a Game

Commodore 64 Accessories

Commodore 64 More Accessories

Commodore 64 Even More Accessories

Commodore 64 Software


I would love to snag that 5150, but I’m halfway across the country, and, I’m broke🙃

Quick update, IBM and associated accessories have been sold. Commodore is still around if anyone is interested.

Would you be interested in selling just the commodore monitor?

Hello Aremis, I’d much rather sell everything togeter as one purchase considering all the accessories related to the computer.

Shame. Thats the monitor I’m looking for for my amiga’s.