WTS r9 290x Sapphire Tri-x, any interest? (SOLD)

Looking to sell for around ~$200-230.
Works fine, purchased Aug 2015. Just need a new hood for my car over a graphics card at this point sadly.
I’m in the US, prefer to ship with continental US

I swear I know how to read the rules.


Feel free to make a lower offer, I can also cover part of shipping.
Just letting you guys have a chance to have it before I put it on Ebay and a miner instantly buys it.

I’m surprised there aren’t more people into mining jumping on this. I would but having 2 290Xs in my case might blow a breaker in my house.

I gave away two of these to friends not that long ago.

I dont regret it as they needed them and they had helped me out with stuff in the past.

If I wasnt broke Id jump all over this. Looks like a good card for the money with current prices being everywhere on the map.

Sheesh, I just landed a job, had any offers on this yet? If not I would definitely spring for it if you could hold out a month till payday.

Surprisingly no offers, but I’ll keep the thread open as long as I still have it for sale

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Im definitely tempted. Do you have the original store page link? I want to look at the specs and reviews. I would be upgrading my from 7970Ghz and plan to drive a 1440p, 144hz FreeSync2 27" display

Here you go, I’m using a 1440p 60hz monitor with it.

Do you still have this for sale? I’m in the Continental US, have a a verified Paypal and really want a 2nd Sapphire Tri-X R9 290X. I’m willing to pay $200 + SH. Please, let me know!

@flubbernaut Is this item still for sale?

Generally when there are brackets next to the title that say sold it means the item has been sold. Which means this item is likely sold. As such this thread is locked. Also if you are interested in seeing if an item is for sale you do have the option to message the poster of the thread about it.

Thread is locked cause item has been marked as sold.