[WTS] r9 290 game codes!

Selling the codes that came with my r9 290, haven't used it yet.

I do accept paypal, I'm willing to let it go for not too much as im not interested in any of the games that AMD offers(good job AMD)


Anyone up for this?

anything of interest from here



Nu uh sorry

what games we talking and for how much?

It's just whatever is in the amd golden games offer (3x) and honestly not for much because they have nothing im interested in, cheap price here

I have some interest, I sent a message (or at least I *think* I sent one).

I just got it! I sent a reply.


something from my inv for it?  or you only interested in PP?



Im interested send me a pm.

I don't suppose you'd trade me just BFBC2 for one of my games would you? :p


Will get back to you on that. am not home ATM.


Can ya add me on steam to discuss further. Will be home tomorrow, heading back from vacation.

I assume its the same username correct?

you have my inv link in the posts from earlier. Look up.

I'm terribly sorry about my blindness, I'll add you tonight, thanks!


Sold to the man in the purple suit!