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[WTS] [Prices negotiable] Aremis Blowout Sooper Dooper Super Sale


Selling some hot shiz. Some Hot 'Za. Some wet noodles for your ramen of life.

Basically, I’m getting that oryx and I’m starting to evacuate stuff from my house because of it. This is all stuff I either don’t need, don’t use, or won’t use and have just had.

Opening item is my RX580. Most intense thing played has been Deus Ex MD. Only had for a year, don’t really need it. And I’m not going to buy a Razer Core or anything like that for it to be used with the 1070 in my oryx. Thats just stupid.

180 USD + half of shipping.


Next. Linksys WUSB6300. Bought this to have Wireless AC on my desktop. Hates linux though, kernel driver got removed. Just want my money back.

50USD + Shipping

Got 2X paired Xeon X5650’s. Pulled from those dell servers that I had actually.

Uhhh. IDK like 110 + shipping? PM me.

I have 2 WD Black 1TB. Not really used. Got them new actually, and they were sitting on a shelf when I was given them.

45 USD + shipping. Each.

My old desktop. Called chimera (because it changed so often kek), its got a Xeon 1225V3, 16GB 1600mhz, a 2TB HDD, 64GB SSD. IDK about a GPU,. but I can put those drives in.

Asking 250USD + half shipping.
If you want it with the RX580 asking 450USD + half shipping.

Mac G5 case either stripped and made into an ATX case, or just stripped and you do as you please.

100 - 150USD + shipping. PM me we’ll chat.

MSI B150 Bazooka. I was told it doesn’t work. The person telling be this also forgets to plug in ATX power with every single computer he builds. But because it may or may not work I’m only asking

40 USD + shipping.

xbox 360 works, will ship with HDD cage but no drive. Has PSU.

60 + shipping.

Random Ram. I can look through what I have and let you know what I got. Mostly DDR2 and back but some DDR3.

5 per stick + shipping.

I have some random monitors. Some people like these for small tool screens? IDK but I have a few.

20 bucks + shipping.

Dell Monitor Stands. I got a sick ass dual monitor arm and just have 2 of these laying around now that I’ll never use.

45 + shipping each. If you buy both 60 + shipping.

HP LA2306x. ITs 1080p 60hz. Goth a little scratch in it. DVI, displayport, VGA. Has a Vesa mount, has an up down, no tilt tho.

100 + shipping.

And if I can find the bottle, I have a thing of Bahama Breeze Vape Juice that I don’t like the taste of. Tastes like guava fruit. Kinda meh.

15 bucks + shipping.

PM me for more info if you need it.



would you like it unlisted until you are finished?

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I am now finished.

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i know you are still working on it; but i’m interested in that viewsonic whats the size? Whats the smallest you have?



I have a 9 inch or 10 inch, maybe its 12… Dell monitor. Max res is 1024 X 768 but you can force some scaling into it to make it go higher.

20 bucks shipped.

Now that I think about it the dell is like 1 inch smaller than the viewsonic.

I also have a Samsung Ultrasync screen that is about 15 or less, ish, and goes up to 1280X1024.



could you attach photo out with comparison on the background of some normal size monitor? 24 ~ 27 ~ 32"? or something to compare the size with typical objects like a phone, or typical objects of use (pen, spoon etc)?

(they all use vga?)



Of which monitor?

The Viewsonic does, the samsung has DVI and VGA, the Dell I think has DVI but I only grabbed it because my grandmother was throwing it out.



viewsonic and dell whichever is smaller

shipping to usa? *making sure, since there are quite few members from europe or different countries.



With the average size of a hard drive.

The dell is an inch smaller.

Why is the dell image upside down lol.



those are big :frowning: ~15"
i’ll think about it.

Thanks for making those photos.

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Yup! Though I’m pretty sure these are 12 and 13. Tho I could just be dense so don’t mind me lol.



Just thought of this. If you need a teeny tiny monitor I bought a Lenovo USB monitor for my thinkpad for when I travel. Its like, the size of 2 hard drives put together. 1366X768. All that magic.

I’d have to ask for what I paid for it though, which is about 80 bucks (76something something).



actually scratch that 180 plus half shipping for the 580.



Time for a big ol’ bump while everyone wakes up.



You are in the US right? So shipping to Europe would not make sense I guess :thinking:.




I can ship to anywhere if you’re willing to deal with the hassle. I shipped to canada the last time I did this. Shipped… I think hard drives? I don’t remember. Point is the guy was out 350 bucks rather than the 150 or 180 he paid me.

I’ll still make money one way or another. But the nanny state hassle is up to you.

Want a 580?



Yeah, the 580 is what I am contemplating. 180 USD is an impressive deal over here but with shipping I don’t think it will be worth it.

I just had a look and my God have graphics card prices tanked, they are almost affordable now :grin:. Found a guy selling one for 150 Euros (but it was used for mining :thinking:)

I think I’ll pass, but thanks for the offer of shipping internationally.



Yup! Not used for crypto, not overclocked.

Do me a solid and advert for me when you have 30 seconds :sweat_smile:

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One more quick bump here.

Imma give this till next sunday to stew and then I’m gunna start listing on ebay. I know theres people looking for a 580 on the forum right now. Maybe a pc for a kid. Imcan throw a 9800gt in chimera and bam fortnite machine.

Just ideas.

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I’m personally not interested in the drives, but if you could pop them in a system and show smart data, that would probably go a long way towards them being worth your asking price.