[WTS] Price Drop: DSI-XL/Moto G

All prices displayed are prices shipped and somewhat negotiable

Moto G 16GB US-Unlocked: $110 Shipped

Comes with original Box/Manuals

Included USB charger with LG 1.2A Charger

OtterBox Commuter Case with slight crack

2 Unused Screen protectors

Nintendo DSi XL Burgundy: $60

Comes with Original box and manuals

XL Stylus but no original small stylus

Charger and 4GB SD card

ill take that dell venue from you buddy

Okay PM'd.

Dropped prices for Moto G to $110 Shipped and DSiXL to $60 Shipped.

i can vouch for him. i bought the dell venue and it works fantsstically and as described . i got next day shipping for free( though it was most likely because i live 2 hours from him). was very fast to communicate and gave me a free usb otg and charge chord. 

im eyeing that ds but im waiting for my taxes to come it before doing anything

Thank you. Wish I was a little more OCD when I made it. Word have properly matching cable colors and at least a meter. 2ft is hardley anything.

Whenever you feel like. I was originally going to throw in a flash card but something possessed me to update the DSi firmware which the flash card never got support for.

do to some unexpected pc parts cost i wont be able go for the ds, you got to love it when your video card decides to it doesnt want to work right any more

No problem at all. Sorry to hear about your graphics card.

Moto G 16GB package Price updated to $95 Shipped.

Lowest you'll go on the Moto G?

Make me an offer.


Sorry, Lowest I would do is $80-$85 shipped.

Is the Moto G the GSM (3G) or LTE model?

Its the original GSM 3G US Unlocked.

Moto G 16GB US unlocked sold.

The Moto G just arrived today... And good lord, it basically looks like I bought a brand new phone right off the shelf! I didn't think it was possible to keep something in such great condition... On a side-note, the packaging was superb. 

Glad it arrived safely and glad of what you think of its condition.

I forgot that I had an extra 2.1A charger so included that opposed to 1.2A charger.