WTS pokemon leafgreen Game Boy Advanced

reposted after last post was locked without anyone saying i needed to add proof of owner ship but here it is again im asking £50 not including P&P

People did say you need proof of ownership...it's in the forum rules. Read the rules next time. And maybe don't point fingers - you'll get less snarky remarks out of me.

sorry but i forgot and no one replied and said i needed to post proof until space cat locked it and stated it

I should have told you before I locked it. Sorry.

nah its not your fault it would've been nice if one of the 70 people that looked at it said so also would it be possible to have the rules show up while your making a post on the buy and sale and trade?



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I've passed that on.

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it would be useful for people who read the rules when they join but not much after

I heard that IGN gave this a 10/10 so I recommend.... .

Game of my childhood, but nostalgia is not permitting me to have a GBA game shipped over seas lol.

Good luck Bump.

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yeah the shipping really the menace when your buying stuff from abroad
it really is a fun game but i just hate the grinding to level my pokemon up which is why ive stopped playing it