(WTS) Old PC, Retro consoles, and Stuff

So I have an old Inspiron 530 and have two GPUs in it (8400GS and GTX 650) which can play most games but the processor is rather lacking(you can replace it for something better for about $30-$70). It has two 250GB hard drives(which I have to obviously wipe before sending it to you) and I'll slap on an extra PSU and Razer deathadder. The consoles(In working condition) include: a SNES, both renditions of the PS2, a Playstation X(once I find it), a Gameboy Advance, a PS3, and they include: controllers, steering wheels, power adapters, display cables, plenty of games, etc. I'm trying to sell them as valuable as possible but you guys can tweak the prices. When I get the chance(and if you ask) I'll get pictures of all items. The reason why I'm doing this is for an entirely new system (yeah I'm that desperate) and money is thin and jobs are scarce so help me out here.http://w1tness.imgur.com/all/

Also I'm thinking about selling my old DSI, a fender guitar and AMP, as well as a deathadder, ps3 accessories, Rocksmith(because DLC :D), and a SATA cable because why not. (HEY Y'ALL I GOT SOME PIKCHURS! http://imgur.com/a/gwAHE#0 

Do you have any Megaman games? I'm trying to rebuild my megaman collection, and hopefully also add new megaman games I didn't have before.

I had them a month ago but one was a remix and I lost the original(3).

Link is broken? Might just be me.


EDIT: Was just me.

Could you add some pictures of the SNES and what it comes with?

Yeah I'l get it done hopefully before 3pm EST 8/14.


im interested in the deathadder! do you have a price you would like for it, or the model/year? Thanks!

I got mine for $60 but now you can get them for about $40-$50 but sorry my sister who just went to college needed a mouse and that was the first one i could find. I can get it though if I act fast.

Can you edit some of the pictures for each item you're selling so that it also includes a picture of your name written on a sheet or so, per the rules? Giving 48 hours to do so or the thread will be locked.

Im interested in the ps3, what is the price for it.

Yep about that. My computer can't handle the edit(sad I know) but I'll retake them thank for reminding me.

I guess since its:

Still supported

the original

has few games

only 80gb

one controller

all cables(can't find HDMI *sniff*

I guess $75-$80(with all the games and crap) about $40 stand alone because people buy them for like$20 bucks basically stealing the thing. This launched at $500 and games still come out for it. The only downside is no included HDMI. I can lower the price to better suit you though. 


Okay I've put my name and all of that thank you for reminding me(really saved my ass)

Would you be willing to ship to the UK?

Depends on shipping and how much you want it. But yeah sure(ish)

Obviously Cloudgaming12 was here first so it's down to him first but yeah I'd like to know what it would cost for the console and controller with no games with shipping to the uk if you could find out. :)

ya u can have it if its not sold already...i had to use my money on something else

How much for the and SNES?

Sorry for the late reply. Honestly I'm counting on you to name your price and say what is the most that you'd be willing to spend that doesn't hurt you.

Is the PS3 still available?