[WTS] Oculus Rift

Hey everyone, I have a perfectly good Oculus Rift, Aka no issues with the device. I used it for a few weeks and never again, it is currently packed up in it's original packaging. With roughly ~30-40 hours of use ever on it.

Before spending more time to take pics and make a full quality post. I wanted to feel the air as it were.

Would anyone be interested in buying an Oculus Rift for $400? It also includes 2 VR covers to help protect against sweat. If anyone wants pics ill be happy to take some.

EDIT: Added Pics. Can take more if somebody would like

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See first rule:

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Good luck... Oculus is not a hot product anymore in the VR world.

My suggestion would be to just post it and wait. It might be a while before anyone who is interested stumbles across it, but you might as well put it out there.

Ahh, my mistake, dunno how I missed that.

I'll take some pictures tonight and update this.

Please upload pics ASAP, if possible please include some of the lenses so we can see there is no damage to them.

Done, and done.

No damage, maybe just a tad dirty from my eye lashes touching them. I plan on cleaning it as best I can before sending it out.

Ok NOW I am done. I am just like an idiot for something. First I miss the pics rule, then miss the username rule......


You need that note with the thing your selling in the same picture lol

SOB, well then That will have to come later tonight as I am at work ..........

Why am I so bad at following the buy and selling rules :(

EDIT: Ok for the love of god I hope I am done now. lol!