[WTS] Nikon 35mm f1.8 Lens [SOLD]

Asking Price: $125 $105 Shipped

Who: Anyone in the US, as I will cover shipping

Payment: Paypal (unless local) MN Twin Cities

Description: Nikon 35mm f1.8g lens in excellent condition.

Comes with: Lens + Lens hood + Front & Rear Cap + Paperwork + Original Packaging

Nikon Product Page

I've had this lens for about 15months now (july'14) and have replaced this lens with the sigma 18-35mm and am looking to sell it as I don't need it any more.


PM me or post in this thread if interested

Got a couple of sample images that this lens has produced?

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No one?

I am willing to buy it after the holidays. But if someone gives you an offer before then take it.

i has one already :(



Want another? :D

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we can trade?

Lol probably not.

Potential Buyer from reddit I'll update if I go through.

LIFESAVERS WOOOT. Sorry, nice lense, but I'm in the market for an 18-somethingmabob (deciding on numbers after I borrow some lenses).

is that the ART lens at f1.8?


got any samples? would love to see them :)

SOLD to a reddit user @Quixotic_Autocrat

that's alright

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