WTS NEED to sell these desks, or atleast give them away. UPDATE

Look either these sell for 150 a pop or you can take them so they aren’t shitcanned, but I need these desks outta a building. If plyou can get to grand rapids MI BY TOMORROW ONLY then you can have one, three, all, I don’t care. What I DON’T want to see happen is all these get thrown out.

And yes, I know that I don’t have my sig with these images but I literally don’t have time. We were storing stuff in these buildings from my grand parents move and we are friends winh the owner.

PM and I’ll send you the address. These are getting chucked in 26 hours or less.


After tomorrow I need the @moderators to lock this thread. I’m not storing these either because they are too damn big. If you can come tonight, do it, if tomorrow morning, do it. After 5 these are ALL GONE.

And as a point, if you can pay for them, please do. The guy dropped an assload of money on the company that these are coming out of and we can technically “pull them out of the trash” if you get what I mean.

If you can’t pay for one, but you want it, take it.

Situation has changed I can hold them for a little while. Up to 2 months. If you want one PM me.

Heres pics of them broken down with tag.

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Oh and these almost forgot.

Fyi, tagging @moderators doesn’t notify us.

Also, as per the B/S/T rules, you need to include your username/date in at least one of the pictures.


We literally needed to be out of the building in 20 minutes and I had about 2. So, sorry. But it really would be a shame for these to be gone.

I’m just putting an offer up.

Ok good update here I can store the desks. Turns out my grand parents have a storage unit they didn’t tell us about and we can store them there.

So I can hold a desk for you for 2 months, I think. I think they said that they stopped paying for it and they have it for 2 more months or something.

Anyways if you want one I can arrange it.

AightI guess these are going in my barn for a few days till ai have time to store them.

Get 'em while they’re hot they’re going on CL for 500 a pop tonight. Yall get the 150 price tho cuz I love ya


If only I had the space. That is some quality stuff you got there bro.

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I would but shipping would kill…

And you live where?

Get rid of shit you will never have this chance again.

Literally. You cannot justify buying one of these normally. Let alone having this sorta desk.

Was tempted to make a road trip and buy everything lololol little too busy right now.

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What ya asking per desk …First ?

I see… ya not in the cards… I hate to pass it. Midwest and the shipping … If I was closer … I would snag a couple. An excellent steal…

Unload them at some consignment place/ junk store ect… if space gets tight. Charity…schools ect…

I bet there is a school somewhere that needs them…


150 to each of you guys on this forum. If I sell on craigslist it’ll be 500 a pop.

But to ppl here, 150.