[wts] msi x99s mpower [SOLD]

Purchased in November, this MSI X99S MPOWER was used in gaming until the first week of June. It comes with the original box and accessories.

Here is what I'm looking to get out of the motherboard:

MSI X99S MPOWER ------------------------ $230

EDIT: Motherboard is STILL for sale! Offers welcome, but please be reasonable. I need this sold before July 12th preferably!

Might I ask why you are selling a perfectly good 5820K? haha

Because I'm destitute and food/housing is more important than a state-of-the-art PC. I know you were joking but I wouldn't be doing this if I weren't about to be on the street.


Im sorry I wasnt aware of your situation, I apologize... Hmm I have a friend that may be interested.. Ill ask and see if he hasnt already ordered

gah I would really take you up on that but I don't even have money for the SNES build

and I need this for metal gear

What are u looking for shipping costs? possibly interested in the psu.

I wish I could help you out and buy the board off of you but I was 3 months too early in getting mine... And that i7! Damn cheap! Someone here could have an X99 rig for the equivalent price of a Z97. Best of luck Fouquin.

Shipping is included in price. What you see is what you pay.

Darn tempting with that 5820k. Sadly I live in Europe so taxes would be a pain in the butt.
Good luck Fouquin. I'm sure you will pull through your current situation :)

Sent you a pm.

Quickly going to bump this. If there isn't more interest by Wednesday (June 24th) I'm pulling this down and resorting to local options.

You could try Craigslist or eBay. You'd sell that stuff in less than a day.

Everyone on Craigslist thinks they deserve to pay significantly less, and eBay takes about 10 days to payout through PayPal.

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As an avid eBayer... I get money into my paypal exactly the same time the buyer pays. Then it takes 3 days for it to transfer to my bank. 4 days max and you have your money.

Money arrives in PayPal but is not available for use or transfer for a minimum of 7 days, the timer starts at 21 days. The timer only drops to 7 days after the item is shipped and received. This is standard procedure for PayPal and I see it every time I sell on eBay.

I've been selling on eBay for 3 years, it hasn't changed.

Giving this a bump, since it's been over 2 weeks.