[WTS] MSI X79A-GD45 Plus and 3970X

Asking $375 shipped.

I'll give you about tree fiddy.


Hmm. Gonna need some verification that it works all good and such.


and with the system i ran until 4months ago:

it's been sitting in the box since then

What s the best for Canada ? in US $$ ??

im not sure what you are asking here

price wise, what is your best deal, I am in canada !

Ok. Now what's the powdery substance that's all around the socket and on top of some of the RAM slots?

Its dust...
I just have a really good camera that picks that kind of detail up lol

le bump
may do price drop
may not idk

price check:
cpu: 100-150$
mobo: ? (while in retail $120)

CPU still sits around $200-300 for some reason
Mobo selling for $200 or so
I may drop to $400 or $350

Le bump: because I dropped the price.

So what is the price NOW ?

$375 like i edited the OP to reflect

5820k is faster and its $300-$390 and with Zen coming out this cpu is worth like $150 ish IMO Board is probably like $70 maybe, Would value this honestly @ $220 + shipping range. GLWS but with it being used and even lowest 2011v3 stuff being as fast as this you really goota mark it down to be a deal.

its better than ebay pricing due to the strangely high demand of x79 boards jacking up the price of the motherboards
otherwise i would agree 100% it would normally be worth ... not nearly as much considering the age and everything